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What is the difference between Ben's shows and his close-up magic?
Ben's stage shows means he will be in front of everywhere facing him whether that be on a stage or not, what he'll perform will be different to his close-up which is where you get to see magic up close and personal. His stuff magic involves bigger props and a lot of audience participation. The show can last up to an hour if you wish.

Want a show? instead of close-up magic have a show that can last up to an hour of magic personalized to your event that is also very interactive, full of laughter and fun!
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Ben has a set show called Unknown Connections. If you want a show for your event and don't necessarily want or need it personalized to your event then this is the perfect option for you. If you'd like more information on this please contact Ben
Having your show personalized to fit the theme of your event
If your having an event that has a specific theme to it and want a show to go along to that theme, perfect! Tell Ben about it and he will theme his entire show to your event that being the tricks, music, routines etc!
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