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Grand Trunk Road Restaurant,
 Breeze Mezze Bar
& The Essex House
Resident magician

What will Ben do during the time his performing?
Entertaining of course is what Ben's main aim is of the night and that is for your benefit as mentioned above to be able to keep it a stress free and fun easy environment, Ben will do magic that involves small props such as every day object that can be found in the restaurant to playing cards, coins etc and Ben's aim with his magic is to make sure that everything he does is interactive with the audience getting everyone involved to be a part of the trick and to laugh along with him at his amusing banter! He will be doing at least a 5 minute set at each table before moving onto the next and make this like a rotation throughout the evening. He wont interrupt the customers during their meal but will be at a table during that time that aren't currently eating and will go back to the tables once done and waiting in between each meal course. 

Having a magician in your venue

Having Ben perform as your resident magician is a great idea as it brings many benefits to your venue and your staff, it would increase customers, keep customers happy and entertained whether that be between meal courses or along the queue of people waiting to sit.
Ben is there for you to help make things easier especially for the staff as it'll help keep customers busy and make the night flow smoother for the staff, making it a stress free environment as Ben will be the one handling the tough crowds!



'When Ben showed me his skill I just had to have him show every guest coming into the hotel, eventually making him our resident magician instead of cloak room staff!  - Matthew Hemingway, Event Manager, Prince Regent Hotel


Magic is the perfect conversation starter not only for the customers for interacting with each other but again also for your staff to interact with the customers as the customers will be in a great mood no doubt mentioning about the fantastic entertainment they have!

Competition with your competitors!
The best bit and most vital part for you as a restaurant having Ben's magic is the competition this will bring with other competitors around your local area as not many restaurants have magicians to entertain their guests and do not know the perks of it until they do so this will make you stand out from the crowd not only because you have a magician but because your have Ben as your resident magician.

You've Scrolled down the page this far, you might as well try... can't turn down a free trial of entertainment, right!?
Contact Ben to have him come along and perform at your venue for the first FREE event.

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